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Summer Environmental Film Extravaganza

Avoid the afternoon heat!
Join us at the Headwaters Summer Environmental Film Extravaganza.
Location: Mabee Library Auditorium, University of the Incarnate Word

July 29 Screenings:
1:00 pm "Written on Water"
"Written on Water focuses on the Ogallala Aquifer and examines the conflicts, politics, economics and groundwater depletion in the High Plains region. The film presents perspectives on water conservation, individual property rights, state policy and science, as well as the fallout these issues have on the human story that often go unseen. Written on Water does not offer easy answers but rather seeks to spark discussion about the complexities in developing sustainable water usage in communities where the reality of groundwater decline is colliding with a cultural legacy of independence and self-determination."
A Deep Time Media Production

2:15 pm "Watershed"
"If we see the Colorado River as just a river, we are overlooking a natural engine that powers both our economy and our environment. We created WATERSHED to raise awareness to the idea that this river is the canary in the coalmine. If business, government and citizens come together and make some changes, the might Colorado can continue to serve us." Robert Redford

3:45 pm "Revolution"
“In this highly anticipated follow up to the hit Sharkwater, film-maker Rob Stewart brings us on an adventure 3.5 billion years in the making – from the evolution of life to the revolution underway to save us. Filmed over four years in 15 countries, Revolution captures some of the most remarkable wildlife spectacles ever recorded, and gives audiences a firsthand look into the biggest battle ever fought.

Joining the activists and youth fighting to save their future, Stewart’s journey of hope is startling, beautiful and provocative, revealing this crisis as an opportunity for everyone to become a hero…Revolution has already won ten awards at top film festivals around the world.”

For additional information call 210-828-2224 x 280.