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Starting Out Wild - Environmental Education Teacher Training Institute

Registration includes textbooks and other materials, snacks, and a special guided tour of the Blue Hole, head of the San Antonio River!

To register or for more information contact:
210.828.2224, ext 232

Learn to share conservation with young children: Professional Development for anyone who works with young children. 2 CEUs. $20

Starting Out WILD was developed in the San Antonio Parks by Project WILD Facilitators and Alamo Area Master Naturalists for children ages 1-3 years.  It is inspired by Growing Up WILD but addresses the learning needs of younger children.

The SOW program is based on these principles:

  • The love of nature needs to accompany growing up from the earliest age.
  • Teaching must engage both children and parents.
  • Learning will spiral, moving from tolerating and participating, to acquiring nature concepts and vocabulary over the three year span.
  • Activities should facilitate children’s experiences through movement and using all their senses.
  • Familiar analogs of unfamiliar concepts and vocabulary are provided.
  • Providing an emotionally comfortable environment is the starting point