Join the Headwaters Community

Headwaters offers numerous, regularly occurring opportunities to flex your conservation muscles. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the Headwaters community. We offer volunteer opportunities and education for adults and children. Our diverse community of volunteers, staff, and activity participants work to explore, learn about, and protect the Sanctuary for future generations. We gladly receive all of any age, background, or ability. Contact our offices and explore the rest of our website to learn more.


Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a way for you to help nature through gathering and submitting data about the environment. It is very easy, and anyone can do it! There are citizen science programs around San Antonio, Texas, and the US in every subject. Mitchell Lake Audubon Center has bird and frog watches. Become a Watershed Wise Citizen Scientist with the San Antonio River Authority. Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX has a week of citizen science for every plant and animal in the spring and fall each year.



Environmentalism is action taken to protect nature, the environment, and wildlife. Environmentalism can be as simple as talking to your neighbor about using less water, or as involved as organizing events in support of environmental issues. At Headwaters, we are passionate about environmental issues, especially those relating to water. We hope that every soul who visits the Headwaters Sanctuary and the Blue Hole will be inspired to do all they can to protect these precious natural resources. Do your part by conserving water, following the three R's, and volunteering your time.

water conservation

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