• Learn about ecological restoration
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Maintain trails
  • Recycle plant material into mulch
  • Pick up litter and remove debris
  • Grow and plant native species
  • Become a steward of nature

When you come, we could be doing any or all of these things depending on who shows up, what their interests are, and what needs to be done in the Sanctuary that day. Join us and learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the Sanctuary, and how we can all be better stewards of the Earth!

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upcoming volunteer events


Headwaters invites the San Antonio community to contribute to building our Circle of the Springs Garden. With input from local indigenous community members, this garden being installed to honor the 12,000 years of Native American cultural history at the head of the San Antonio River. he 80 foot in diameter limestone structure will be filled with native medicinal and pollinating plants to educate the public on ethnobotany and the importance of providing sustenance for pollinators like the migratory Monarch butterfly.

Frequently asked questions:


Dress for the woods -- long pants and closed toe shoes or boots.  We supply gloves, equipment, snacks, and water in a 5-gallon cooler; we ask that you bring a reusable container for water that you can refill from our water cooler (We never supply water in plastic bottles because of the impact of plastic on the environment).

Where do volunteers meet? 

There is no street address; GPS coordinates are 29.4697, -98.4709.  You can park there; we'll give you a permit if needed.  

Click here for directions and maps.

Can I register a group to volunteer?

Yes. Simply complete the volunteer application or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Howard Homan, at howard.homan@gmail.com to express your interest.

Can I request a special volunteer day for my group, outside of the normally scheduled workdays?

Yes. You are welcome to reach out to us to request a workday outside of our normal Wednesday morning, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning schedule. If a field leader is available to lead you, we can add your event to our internal calendar.

How old do you need to be to volunteer?

Depending on the needs for the day, we have had children as young as six years of age volunteer. They usually assist with litter pick up, weeding, and other less intensive tasks. Let us know in the application you hope to bring a minor. All minors under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I volunteer in the field if I have limited mobility?

Specify you have limited mobility in the application and we will be sure to assign you to a task that meets your needs.

Do you have any non-fieldwork volunteer opportunities?

If you are interested in helping with educational, outreach, research, or administrative tasks, email our Executive Director, Alex Antram, at alex.antram@headwaters-iw.org.


More questions?

If you have an interest in a special volunteer event or group volunteer visit, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Howard Homan, at howard.homan@gmail.com.