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Ethnobotany Walk - September 8, 2017 - 9:00-11:00 am

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Hike the Headwaters trails with Patty Leslie Pasztor to learn how Native Americans and early settlers used plants for food, medicine, fiber, dyes and more! As we walk, Patty will share stories about our trees, shrubs and wildflowers while providing some I.D. tips. We'll also have a hands-on look at some baskets, dyes, medicines, and utensils made from native plant materials. Patty Leslie Pasztor, a botanical and natural resource consultant, is co-author of the book, "Texas Trees, A Friendly Guide." Previously the Native Plant Horticulturalist at the San Antonio Botanical Garden and a Park Naturalist at Friedrich Wilderness Park, Ms. Pasztor is an instructor for several Texas Master Naturalist chapters. She holds workshops on native plant identification, edible & medicinal plants, landscaping for wildlife, and ethnobotany. The walk is limited to 12.

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