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How Trees Define the Headwaters Sanctuary
November 10, 2017 - 9:00-11:00 am


Located in central San Antonio, the Headwaters Sanctuary demonstrates thoughtful land stewardship that secures the future of an urban forest.  Bringing the Headwaters Sanctuary back to health has been an epic ongoing volunteer effort to tip the balance in favor of native trees.  Volunteers have removed large "invasive species” to bring tree diversity back to the forest. Thanks to all their work, native tree saplings are reviving in some sites, and paths have been built to allow us to reach these sites.  What native trees have more breathing room and light to prosper now?  Why does it all matter, in terms of how the forest functions? This leisurely walk will cover tree identification, both native and invasive, and no prior experience is needed. Our guides, Texas Master Naturalists Lissa Martinez and Michael Goldstein, have experience measuring very large, very old trees with the Texas Forest Service.  Kaye Cosby, also a Texas Master Naturalist, will offer the Headwaters volunteer perspective. The walk is limited to 12.

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