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Peyote Pilgrimages Walk - FULL - September 9, 2017 - 9:00-10:30am


This walk is FULL. Names will be taken for a wait list.

The Headwaters of San Antonio River have been part of Native American pilgrimages and peyote ceremonies for thousands of years. The Camino Real de las Tejas, established by the colonial Spanish, followed these ancient indigenous routes leading through San Antonio to the sacred Peyote Gardens of South Texas. This presentation will discuss the pre-Columbian, historical, and present day importance of peyote in indigenous Texas culture and the geographical and astronomical evidence that places Headwaters as a major pilgrimage site along the Camino Real.  Gary Perez will be our presenter. Mr. Perez is the past Custodian of the Native American Church National Trust in Mirando City, Texas, where he welcomed tribes from all over the country to this ancient sacred ground. His ancestors were Pachal, a band of local indigenous people that together with many other bands of indios comprised the Coahuiltecans of The Hokan Linguistic stock. He has lectured on the spiritual, cultural and geographical interpretations of the White Shaman Panel, including the Four Fountain Springs of Texas -- one of which is the Blue Hole. The walk is limited to 12.

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